Saint Arnold Beer Coming to Florida, but Not South Florida

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Hopefully Saint Arnold Brewing will make its way to South Florida.
Well craft beer fans, it looks like your options on the shelves have expanded in the state Florida after Brock Wagner, founder of Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Texas, admitted in an interview with the Houston Chronicle that he is looking to expand into Colorado as well as the Sunshine State, but not South Florida, calling it a market "he does not understand."

This is a rather perplexing thing to say, considering New Belgium Brewing just launched last July 29 and Founder's is soon to follow on August 19.

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Not to mention the slew of breweries that are or are getting ready to open, such as Funky Buddha Brewery, Saltwater, Wynwood and MIA brewing companies.

To say that South Florida has a love for craft beer is an understatement.

With South Floridians' growing taste for craft brew, you can sure bet that at least one distributor in this market is looking to pick up the brand. Ask one of them and they will be sure to tell you how much of a demand there is for craft beer here.

Wagner plans to have Saint Arnold on the shelves by mid-October, plenty of time for one of the local distributors to, perhaps, talk him into coming here.

Founded in 1994, the Houston brewery expanded its brewing capacity to over 100,000 barrels in 2010 and is on course to brew at least more than half of that for the year.

In comparison, Saint Arnold was ranked 45th largest craft brewery in the U.S. according to beer sales, where New Belgium is third and Founder's is 30th.

And for a top 50 brewery to exclude one of the state's biggest and most populated markets doesn't make much sense. Wagner also told the Chronicle that the timing wasn't right. That could mean anything, but if he's waiting for craft beer to become popular in South Florida now is the time to do it. We like variety on the shelves.

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@James Clark  and I  went to St. Arnold Brewery last year...  Brock even hosted the tour...!!!!  Good stuff  :)

Doug Fairall
Doug Fairall

Coming into South Florida is like a DDOS attack on a brewer. The demand is so high, they can't keep up distribution. Maybe that's what they don't 'understand'? There's 5.5 million people here, with probably 3 million or so potential beer drinkers... that's a lot of beer.

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