McEngagement Photo: There Are Worse Places to Get Engaged

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Photo via Fort Lauderdale Improv twitter
Ah. Twitter. What glorious news we find on thee?

Yesterday, Fort Lauderdale Hard Rock Improv posted a picture on Twitter of an engagement ring stuffed into the top bun of some sort of McDonald's sandwich -- fish, fried chicken, who knows -- with the headline "Somebody got McEngaged!"

At first, we were appalled, but that got us to thinking; could there possibly be a less romantic place on earth to propose?

Actually, there are. We compiled a list of five places that are even less proposal-worthy than McDonald's.

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5. Bimini Bay Bar
Dark, dinghy, smoky, bras hanging from the ceiling, TV's blasting with porn: if that's your definition of romance -- and it sure is ours -- pull out that ring. However, we're going to bet most ladies are not really into that sort of thing. Tucked in the industrial part of Lauderdale, south of State Road 84, the dive is full of men looking to get a show -- and a touching proposal is not the show their after. Better off getting on one knee at McDonald's and heading to Bimini Bay for the after-party.

Location Info


Dirty Blondes

229 S. Atlantic Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Music

Bimini Bay Bar

412 SE 32 St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Music

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Jerlyn Rene'e Scott
Jerlyn Rene'e Scott

What a amazing Magical night I wouldn't wanted any other way!!! Thank you all.

Izzy Rich
Izzy Rich

Jerlyn Rene'e Scott - Congrats!

Izzy Rich
Izzy Rich

We had a wonderful engagement live on the stage at our burlesque/vaudeville show this past weekend at Dada's!

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