Saint Somewhere's Lectio Devina: Beer for Labor Day

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Unfortunately, we do a little bit of analytics during our tasting room process, so that's unavoidable. Your experience can be a little more enlightening.

The bottle had a nice thick layer of sediment, about half a centimeter. Care was taken not to disturb it, in both transport and handling.

With these Saint Somewhere bottles, come prepared. Aim away from anything or anyone as soon as your begin to remove the wire cage (a lesson learned from a previous bottle. The added yeasts during bottling can produce quite a bit of pressure!). Opening this one, we had a cork that was more than willing to free itself from the bottle.

Pouring into a tulip glass, we're struck with an aroma of fruit roll up, fruit leather, concentrated pectin. There's also a hint of sweet caramel candy, but it's barely noticeable under the blanket of fruit. There's a huge effervescence as well; another cork shooter. Color in the glass is a hazy tannish red, probably around 20-22 SRMs

Flavors on this beer are malt-head's dream. There's an aged grape character, tart apple, and a yeastful mouthfeel with a Champagne-like dryness throughout. It finishes only slightly bitter, but mostly with more of that yeast character.

Whatever this beer might be, whether a saison/strong ale/dubbel or somewhere inbetween all of these, it's one that will surely please those who appreciate the complexity of the flavors that yeasts can produce. Fans of IPAs might not be into the tart and almost sour nature of this beer.

At almost $11 a bottle, it might not be an everyday drinker, but Lectio Devina has definitely risen to the shortlist of 'special occasion' beer... and what better special occasion is there than starting the weekend? Yep, that's the perfect occasion to pop open a bottle. Just mind where you're pointing that thing.

As always, drink good beer, and #drinklocal.

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