How to Truss a Chicken With Jim Leiken of Cafe Boulud (Photo Instructions)

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Delicious and simple: roast chicken is probably one of the most common recipes in the average home cook's repertoire.

Unfortunately, we've all had a bad experience with a poorly done roasted poultry; dried-out breasts with underdone thighs will kill the joy of any meal.

However, with proper trussing, even the most inept cooks can master the art of roasting a chicken. Yes, that includes you.

Executive Chef Jim Leiken of Cafe Boulud shows us the proper way to tie-up a bird.

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"Trussing is relatively simple," says Leiken. "The point is just to hold the shape to make the bird cook evenly. You're not knitting a sweater; you can even just tie the legs."

All photos by Sara Ventiera

Step One: Place the chicken facing toward you and place your fingers inside the neck cavity to locate the wishbone. Carefully, remove the wishbone with a pairing knife. "You don't have to do this, but it ensures that you will get more meat when carving the bird after it's done," said Leiken.

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