Grow Big Plants the Natural Way With Homemade Biochar

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Paul Misciagno
What is biochar? Biochar is wood chips that go through a process called pyrolysis, basically burning without much oxygen to produce wood charcoal. So biochar is another name for charcoal when not used for food. (Note - commercial charcoal bought for food is not the same as biochar, I'll explain later.)

We are specifically talking about wood derived charcoal prepared for use in soil. The benefits are amazing and this process has been going on for thousands of years.

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Biochar, called terra preta, which means dark earth, dates back to 450 BC and 950 AD in the Amazon Basin. The pre-Colombian culture used this technology for agriculture to support a population of 100,000. There are plots that have been found that are 1 acre in size all the way up to 100 acres. They would burn their trash piled in kitchen middens, this would include bones, human waste, manure, and tree and plant residues. Then later they would spread the char and plant.

Farmer Jay
Biochar made on my farm.

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