Five Things Needed in the Fort Lauderdale Food Scene

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Fort Lauderdale's dining scene has evolved quite a bit over the past decade or so. It was not all that long ago that the majority of restaurants included sports bars and pubs with a few fine dining establishments littered amongst the chicken wings and loaded nachos.

Luckily, we've come quite a long way with beautiful farm-to-table spots, lots of high-end Italian, and multiple casual bistros serving up great food in friendly environments.

However, we want more. We would like to see our fare city rival dining destinations across the world -- and yes, our glitzy neighbor Miami is included in that reference. Unfortunately, we have a ways to go to get there.

We came up with a list of five things we feel are missing in Fort Lauderdale.

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5. Ethnic Restaurants
We are well aware that there is a long corridor of exotic cuisine running down along US 441, but it's a bit of a hike, not actually in Fort Lauderdale, and sometimes we don't want to drive that far. Yes, we might be whinging right now, but we and most of the chefs in our Tastemakers series agree, we need more ethnic cuisine in Fort Lauderdale and overall Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We want to see more Vietnamese, more Korean, authentic Japanese, Ethiopian, Lebanese, and, heck, more Cuban, for that matter.

Location Info


2364 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

Valentino's Cucina Italiana

620 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

Market 17

1850 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Broken Shaker

2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Sara, you need to check out Myapayaya juicery + kitchen in East Fort Lauderdale!  Across from the Galleria Mall.  The chef is amazing!  He caters to everyone, everything is made from scratch and they specialize in cold press juices.  Awesome salads and sandwiches and the best smoothies in Broward by far! or on facebook!


#5 should be #1! Especially Vietnamese!!! 


I would be happy with an actually good pizza joint.  One that does not serve tasteless, grease soaked cardboard.

Lee Glick
Lee Glick

Id be satisfied if I could just find a decent NY Style Chinese Kitchen.

Elle Jay Elle
Elle Jay Elle

what we really need is classy, polite diners that know how to behave while out at dinner. It's a shit show!!!

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