13 American Table: New American Food, Craft Beer, and Cocktails in Boca

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Sara Ventiera
Josper Grilled Octopus ($15)
Americans have always been known for being a casual, down-to-earth nation of people. Our president once served hotdogs to the King and Queen of England.

Over the years, things have gotten even more laid back.

There once was a day when it was considered poor manners to wear a pair of jeans in a high-end restaurant -- that was probably when only the very wealthy went out to eat regularly.

These days, most of us want to eat great food while wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jorts.

Boca Raton has just received its newest epicurean yet homey eatery, 13 American Table. Executive Chef Anthony Fiorini, an alumnus of 32 East, serves up classic American fare with a strong multicultural influence.

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Owners Albert and Melanie Aletto opened the spot on July 25. Their goal with the restaurant is to be a "Family-owned, new American restaurant focusing on food, great service, and delivering a consistent quality product in a humble welcoming environment."

Oliver Tito

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32 East

32 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

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This has instantly become the most interesting restaurant in Boca. Creative food, delightful atmosphere, superb service. This will be a hit. Joins the Rebel House and 3rd and 3rd in Delray as top foodie haunts in the area.


Jorts will be making a comeback...people just don't know it yet....

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