Chef Mike Hinojosa Takes Over the Kitchen at Red Tapas: "I Just Want to Cook Good Food"

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Late last year, Red Tapas opened its doors in Palm Beach Gardens. With bright red decor, Mac "Viva Glam" red lipstick as part of the female servers uniform, and a world-view menu of tapas, the place put a lot of emphasis on the details.

It's now in the process of reinventing the food. Executive chef Mike Hinojosa started with Red Tapas just a couple month back and he's been working to make improvements on the menu since.

This Puerto Rican-born, Italian food fanatic with an extensive corporate restaurant background plans to roll out a seasonal menu with fresh Florida fish, weather-appropriate braised meats, and simple ingredient-driven fare.

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Hinojosa found his love of food, and more specifically Italian food, at the age of 15 while working in a pizza place in Coral Springs. As a young dishwasher -- before the time of the mechanical dishwashing machine -- he was awed by the sights and smells of the kitchen.

"Smelling real Italian food just blew me away," he said. "Sometimes the owner would bring me over to the range and let me try things. He did octopus and calamari; I'd never heard of calamari before."

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Red Tapas Bar and Grille

11701 Lake Victoria Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Category: Restaurant

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