Gluten Intolerant Chef Launches Weezie's Gluten-Free Bakery in Fort Lauderdale

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According to Dutton, people should be able to have cake for breakfast everyday.

A food aficionado since financing her way through college by working at a French bakery, Dutton never considered baking as a career, just a way to pay tuition bills. Learning the art of baking bread and croissants between computer science classes, she went to work in the luxury yacht market after graduating.

Accepting her gluten-free fate optimistically, Dutton struggled to find tasty baked-good alternatives. She missed the chewy texture of pizza and the refreshing taste of beer most. Recalling her stint in the French bakery, Dutton began experimenting with recipes to make bread without the gluten, and have it actually taste good.

And then one day she did it.

It looks like a normal blueberry tart, it tastes like a normal blueberry tart, but wait it's a gluten-free blueberry tart!

Keeping her recipe top secret to ensure a successful business, she manipulated her original bread recipe to create pizza crust, cookies, cake and everything currently in her shop. But the hard part wasn't over yet.

Location Info

Weezie's Kitchen

1859 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Melissa Mellin
Melissa Mellin

I have to eat this way.... What people dont understand is u will end up doing more harm than good if u are doing this diet and dont need to.

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