Broward's 11-Year-Old Food Blogger Says the Darndest Things (VIDEO)

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Jess Swanson
As most kids spend their summers wheeling around Hot Wheels and idly watching Nickelodeon on the tube, 11-year-old Wyatt prefers to dine at Broward's restaurants with his family, and then dutifully-announce his thoughts on his self-published food blog, Wyatt Tastes Good.

We had lunch with him and his mother, Julie, recently at the Flanigans in Pompano Beach to see this small adult in his natural element. An undercover foodie journalist disguised as your everyday tween, Wyatt jotted down notes and stealthily snapped photos of his food from drink order to dessert.

Dressed in a collared shirt and standing at 5'5", Wyatt scoots inside the over-sized wooden booths and picks up the laminated menu. Fingering the menu items in silent concentration, Wyatt flips past the appetizers and doesn't even acknowledge the kiddie menu. He means business.

"If I could change children's menus, I would make them with bigger portions and better sides," Wyatt declares in a speech that would surely have gotten him elected for school president. "I shouldn't be able to go to a Chinese restaurant and order chicken fingers. It's a disgrace."

Wyatt began Wyatt Tastes Good two years ago, when he was nine, to not just examine the meals he's served when he dines out, but to also actualize his ultimate dream: to get paid to eat. Under parental supervision, Wyatt has already reviewed almost 40 restaurants and garnered 12 followers. Currently collaborating with Urbanspoon so that his commentary is displayed on their site, Wyatt has also been featured on the Daily Meal, Fox News, and Dwellable, but this is his first interview.

"I'm not a picky eater," Wyatt explains. "If you're going to be a kid food critic you can't be picky. You also have to be able to eat a lot."

After two years in the food blogging biz, Wyatt enters the sixth grade with a flawless report card. He admits science is his favorite subject in school, but he hopes to use his blog as a segue into the culinary scene and become a chef. He doesn't know what kind of chef he hopes to become or even what sort of restaurant he pictures himself working at. But at eleven years old, he has plenty of time to figure out the logistics.

"I've been helping my mom bake Key Lime pie and it's been a lot of fun," Wyatt explains. "Out of all the places we've gone to eat, our [Key Lime pie] recipe is the best."

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Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill

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