Bartender Q&A: Sarah Calogero of Bad Ragaz on Martinis, Beer With Coke

Photo courtesy the Gab Group
For whatever reason, men tend to have a thing for good-looking women who work in beer bars.

Maybe, it's memories -- hazy, of course -- of beer wenches at Oktoberfest.

Maybe, it's pubescent recollection's of the St. Pauli Girl.

Or it could just be a penchant for beautiful women and beer. Whatever the case, we decided to chat with Bad Ragaz Hall & Biergarten bartender Sarah Calogero to find out about her favorite pick-up lines, preferred spirit, and her idol.

Gentlemen: pay attention!

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Clean Plate Charlie: Hometown/ High School?
Calogero: Boynton Beach, Park Vista High School

How long have you been in South Florida?
My entire life: 21 years.

How long have you been in the industry?
About five years total, two for bartending.

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when_______.
Being a hostess didn't seem exciting enough for me.

Location Info

Bad Ragaz Halll - CLOSED

1417 S. Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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