Wired Shows Us What's Inside Our Coffee (Video)

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What's inside that cup?
If you're like us, you're heading out for an afternoon coffee break to keep you going for the rest of the day.

As you pour that life-saving cup, you immediately feel better. That rich aroma, that steam rising from the cup. Coffee is your friend, your wake-up call, your salvation. Plus it tastes great.

But do you know what's in that cup of coffee? If you say water and ground beans, you're almost 100 percent correct. But there's a lot more than milk and sugar lurking in your cup -- and Wired made a handy animated video that explains just exactly what we're drinking in as we make yet another Starbucks run (hint: besides caffeine, we're consuming cockroach pheromones, a tooth decay fighter, and an antioxidant).

Before you take a sip of that steaming cup of java, watch the video, because you'll find all sorts of useful information. It's more jolting that a double espresso.

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I'm tired of the English and Australian accents used in American commercials today.


How shocking ... given that all elite bottled waters originated from the urine of our ancestors.

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