This Week in Beer News: Beer Milk Shakes, Cigar City Collaborates With New Belgium, and Weed Is Better Than Beer

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Beer Bloggers Conference Concludes in Boston
The 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference was held in two locations this year: Edinburgh, U.K., and Boston, with the latter concluding last Sunday. Beer writers from all over the United States and the world converged on Boston last weekend to drink beer and talk about beer, as well as the state of beer blogging. (Beer.) It turns out that only 8.9 percent of beer bloggers monetize their blogs.

Marijuana Is Better Than Beer, Says Ad
According to USA Today, a giant screen blaring a pro-marijuana ad was placed just outside the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race in Indianapolis last weekend. Purchased by the Marijuana Policy Project, the nation's largest marijuana advocacy group, the ad says that marijuana is better than beer because it has no calories, leads to no hangover, and doesn't turn you violent. Although this may be true, anyone who smokes excessive amounts of weed can tell you that the resulting headache is almost as good as a hangover. (Not that we would know that from experience. We just, ya know, hear things.)

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