Steve Martorano Makes Mozzarella on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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Courtesy Steve Martorano
Steve Martorano's name on the dressing room at Jimmy Kimmel Live.
If comedy and talk-show etiquette legend is true, the host of a show will save the best for last in the assumption that viewers will hang around through the dancing poodle act and the singing 3-year-old to watch Beyoncé. Or something like that.

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If that's the case, then South Florida's own Steve Martorano's star wattage burned even brighter than Johnny Depp and Rebecca Romijn on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. After watching Depp practically make out with the show host and Romjin talk about her snotty nose, it was time for the main event -- making mozzarella with Martorano!

As the colorful cook shows Kimmel how to make cheese with just some curd, hot water, and salt, he issues a stern warning: "Never eat cold cheese." Get Steve Martorano's fresh, warm, creamy mozzarella at Cafe Martorano ($16-$18), or make it at home.

Here's part one:

Here's part two:

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Cafe Martorano

3343 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Keith Wright
Keith Wright

Stretching melted curds is not MAKING mozzarella. Just as throwing a Daily's frozen daiquiri bag in a freezer isn't MAKING a daiquiri. He COULD have shown how to turn milk into mozzarella with a few ingredients and tools without having to go out and BUY mozzarella to make mozzarella. He says he doesn't buy mozzarella anymore, YES HE DOES! "curds...dey com from a cow..." There is a college girl with a Youtube video on how to MAKE mozzarella that is quirky and fun to watch. You get to see how really easy it is to actually MAKE mozzarella and not have to go out and buy the cheese to make the cheese.


Sorry.  Melting curds is not MAKING mozzarella.  Milk, citric acid, rennet, salt, water mixed,  heated, CURDLED, drained and stretched is how you MAKE mozzarella.  He is just stretching out melted cheese.

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