Judd Apatow Fooled by "Fired" Former Starbucks Employee?

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Soon after remaking his GoFundMe account to raise funds for his home, Flores took the account down altogether.
Quite a bit has unfolded since we first learned about former Starbucks employee Adrian Flores and his plea for assistance from the denizens of the internet.

After raising enough funds to pay his most pressing bills, Flores remade his GoFundMe page, gofundme.com/helpuslive. He headlined the new version "Please Help Us Save Our Home" and included an image from Google maps of a charming brick house.

As of 8 p.m. Thursday, July 4, Flores had received $1,700 toward his stated goal of $20,000.

But since the original story about Flores and his unfortunate situation came to light and touched the hearts of the internet, Starbucks has had a chance to respond. The company tells Clean Plate Charlie that Flores was not fired in January but resigned -- quite willingly -- in April.

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Flores' internet plea for financial assistance came to our attention after director and actor Judd Apatow retweeted it.

We emailed Flores through his GoFundMe account, and he responded quickly and enthusiastically, grateful that we wanted to write about his story.

I greatly appreciate your support.

Here is my story from GofundMe. I hope you can use it to get me any support. Wow I cannot believe all of the support I am recieving. Thank you so much Rebecca.

Ive gotta say when I typed this out, it was such a terrible day, but these past few days have topped it all. Thanks to all the supporters today, I have been astonished as to how the internet community and the world can help a person out in times like these.

Fortunately our neighbors today fed us dinner. We are so grateful for them and for all of you out there supporting me and Branden. Branden says thank you so much.

As for Starbucks you may contact them anytime you wish. They are gone to me. I cant lie, I did enjoy everything about the company and working for it, until the end when I needed help, when I needed time off to be with my mother, thier new store opening was more important to them. I reached out to corporate and all they did was follow the district managers lead instead. I will never contribute to Starbucks ever again rest assure that. If you wish to contact them at any time you may do so on their help desk number. 18665047368. From the time I began with the company I have seen many people come and go. I always stood right by the companies side. For them to let me go after 9 hard years, just like that , and not welcome me back, after all those promotions, changes, adjustments, roll outs, you name it, after all of it, no appreciation at the end. And thennn for them to decline unemployment for me. ? Even worse! I dont care for Starbucks any more. I only care for my son and our furture now.

In this telling of his story -- which you can read in full here -- Flores' mother went into the hospital with heart failure on January 13. He rushed to her side in San Antonio, some 300 miles from his home. He said that his supervisor contacted him saying he needed to be in his store by 6 a.m. with a note from the hospital and that when he replied that wasn't possible, the supervisor told him that was unacceptable, that they needed someone who could be available at all times and wished him the best of luck. He said his mother died the next day, January 14.

His request -- and subsequent appeal -- for unemployment benefits was denied, and this fundraising effort was his last-ditch effort to make it through the end of the month. He needed all the help he could get.

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Amazing that he was able to get a job on Independence Day when half of the country is shut down for the holiday.

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