Six Tables in Boca Raton, Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary, Offers Dinner Party Dining

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Why do you dine out? Is it the quality of the food, the desire for a night away from the kids? You're tired of yet another taco Tuesday at home? To celebrate a special occasion?

Whatever the reason, sometimes it's hard to get the full package at your local restaurant: Kids are throwing food at the table two booths down, you happen to be out at on a taco Tuesday at the new Mexican place, and the special occasion is ruined by lousy service and too much noise.

What you really need is a quiet, intimate space where the chef comes to your table, takes your order, offers a pairing wine, and makes your meal to order. There isn't any glitzy décor, thumping music, or provocative crowd -- but that's OK. You came out for a relaxing, indulgent evening out. And that's exactly what you'll get at Six Tables in Boca Raton.

Despite being nearly a decade old -- and with a dining room most likely no bigger than your own -- this established restaurant is still serving a private, dinner partyesque experience compliments of its charming décor, personalized service, and a made-to-order American-French prix-fixe menu that allows for intimate interaction with the chef and a quiet, romantic dining experience unlike any other.

As the name implies, the restaurant has just six tables with a maximum capacity of 24 -- and just one 7 p.m. seating to serve a six-course meal, five nights a week. Even today, despite being tucked away in a clandestine spot in the Mizner shopping plaza, Six Tables has survived for close to a decade, drawing from a devoted clientele and word of mouth. Through highs and lows, the restaurant is -- for the most part -- full each night, and reservations are still necessary.

"This is the essence of a true restaurant experience. You're here for the experience, for the whole package. And that means there is no one else around to shoulder the responsibility of success but me," chef and owner Jonathan Fyhrie told Clean Plate Charlie recently.

You'll be given a five-course meal beginning with champagne and an amuse-bouche (small tasting plate to prep the palate). The meal proceeds with soup and salad, peaking with a selection of one of three or four main entrées, and ends with dessert. The classic chef's tasting menu is offered alongside an excellent wine list and quiet atmosphere -- the type of thing that reminds you of a private dinner party. And that's exactly the idea.

"This concept is meant to give diners that unique, personal touch," said Fyhrie, who -- each night -- is one of only three staff members attending to guests. "This is all about the experience and the food. The chef is interacting with the guests, assisting with some of the service, and preparing each meal. That's how the original creators envisioned it."

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Six Tables

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