Shots Fired at Farmer Jay, Allegedly by Landlord

Farmer Jay Pure Organics facebook page
Farmer Jay with the kids from the Delray Achievement Center -- the last group to visit the farm
Farming is not considered to be the safest career field. Exposure to chemicals, snake bites, wasp stings, and heat exhaustion are all potential dangers of the job.

Getting shot at, however, is not. Usually.

Jason 'Farmer Jay' McCobb claims his landlord fired shots at him while he was feeding his chickens and pig, Pearl.

We spoke to McCobb about the incident and the events that led up to the shooting.

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On Friday, McCobb says he received an email from the landlord -- whom he will not disclose for fears of possible legal ramifications -- ordering him off the property immediately. According to McCobb, if she caught him on the property again, she would have him arrested for trespassing.

McCobb had 50 chickens and one very large adult pig on the farm. He replied to the landlord letting her know that it was not possible to vacate immediately. McCobb was waiting to receive a part for his electric fence from the manufacturer; without it, he would have no way to protect the chickens from predators or to keep Pearl from barreling out. He let her know it would take five days to remove them from the farm.

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Sounds like a nightmare...those poor animals!

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