S3 Hires New Sushi Chef: Songphan Rawangphan

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Sara Ventiera
What once was reserved for the brave has become a staple meal out for everyday diners and the diet-crazed. Sushi has become many Americans' dish of choice, and we just can't seem to get enough -- hey, that's certainly not a bad thing for the country that is the second most obese in the Western Hemisphere.

From the takeout Japanese joint to high-end hot spots: Restaurants all over the place are now featuring sushi like you wouldn't believe.

S3, the Restaurant People's (owners of YOLO, Tarpon Bend, and Vibe) recently oceanfront concept recently brought on a new sushi chef, Songphan Rawangphan. He plans to bring some fresh ideas to the new restaurant.

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Rawangphan jumped onboard about a month ago after leaving the just-closed China Grill off of 17th Street Causeway. When the spot shut its doors, the Restaurant People -- Tim Petrillo and Peter Boulukos -- asked Rawangphan to come to S3.

The Thai native wants to bring a new style of sushi to the restaurant.

"I'm trying to do something a bit fancier and a bit more colorful," said Rawangphan. "I like making dishes you eat from the eye. You see it before you taste it. I want people to be happy when they taste my food."

Sara Ventiera

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the best sushi in town, his is a work of art, and the flavors are new and exciting!!

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