Paula Deen Real Job Offers: Porn, Dancing With the Stars?

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Paula Deen -- new career options?
Paula Deen, the homey Southern cook with the sparkling blue eyes who made everyone salivate with her over-the top recipes, has taken quite a tumble in the court of public opinion.

Since a legal deposition was made public in June, Deen's empire has crumbled with major sponsors like Food Network, Walmart, and Target severing ties with the queen of "butterly love."

That, of course, has led various media pundits to muse over whether Deen's career can come back from this blow -- or if her career is, in fact, dead. What they're forgetting is the fact that Deen has that "it" factor: something indefinable that resonates with her fan base, which includes more than half a million people on the We Support Paula Deen Facebook page.

With that people power, we think Deen can forge ahead, though maybe following a slightly different career path. After all, Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was in her 70's. Here are some offers rumored to be on the table. Paula, if you need an agent -- call us!

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Laine Doss
Paula Deen is a MILF.
3. Porn Star
TMZ recently reported that offered Deen a job. The online tabloid reported that the site that features graphic cougar porn called Deen a MILF and stated, "Full figured or thin, arthritic or diabetic -- you embody our perfect spokesperson." How's that for flattery? Sound crazy? Let us remind you that back in October 2011, Paula was named Hottest Female Television Chef by Maxim. And they know a thing or two about sexy women.

Laine Doss
She's already got the ballroom gown...
2. Dancing With The Stars
Cloris Leachman's done it. Kirstie Alley's done it. Bristol Palin did it in a gorilla suit, for pity's sake. We're talking about Dancing With The Stars. There's a rumor circulating that the ABC show is courting Deen. In 2010, she turned it down, saying that "fat girls don't look good sweating." But now, Deen's lost weight and needs a game changer in her career. After a few foxtrots in a sequined gown, the world might just fall in love all over again.

Trump to Deen: You're hired!
1. Celebrity Apprentice
Here's a quiz: Who's more politically incorrect than Paula Deen? That would be the Donald himself. But Donald Trump is also crazy like a fox and -- like a fox can smell fresh chickens -- the Donald can smell ratings... and money. VH1 is reporting that Trump is offering Deen a spot on Celebrity Apprentice, stating, "Celebrity Apprentice has proven to be a great format for reinventing and re-establishing careers i.e.: Brett Michaels, Arsenio Hall, Trace Atkins, Joan Rivers, and many others. Paula Deen's reputation has taken a big hit and what better way to make a comeback than by raising money for charity?" And come on -- wouldn't it be pure ratings gold to put Deen in a room with some past participants like Joan Rivers, Arsenio Hall, Gary Busey, and Dennis Rodman -- just to see what happens?

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