Microgreens: Little Plant, Big Benefits

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Farmer Jay
Microgreens gorowing on my farm.
Why So Expensive?
Micros are high in price because of the labor involved in filling trays, seeds cost, and because of the environment needed to grow them. One tray will have hundreds of seeds, possibly enough to plant a half an acre or more if you were growing to full size. The environment needs to be protected from the sun by using a shade cloth and also protection from heavy rains could be helpful. Some growers will use a fully automated greenhouse that controls light exposure, temperature, and air circulation. One way to combat the price is to grow them yourself, it is super easy and fun.

So next time you are eating microgreens think of all the work that went into growing the plants for such short time and also think about how healthy you are getting by eating them. Just think you could eat a small amount of micros or you could a large bowl of broccoli for the same amount of nutrients.

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