Garden of Vegan Brings Raw Cuisine to Downtown Delray Beach

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Then, we moved on to a tasting of the soup, made from black and kidney beans and coconut milk, created by the chef's wife. It was warm and creamy, also made in the Vita-Mixer. Next came the broccoli couscous, which did not contain the pearl or any grain, as a matter of fact.

The main bite came from finely chopped almonds. It was actually like a summer-afternoon party in the mouth. The zestiness from the lemon was a great accompaniment. Then there was the chickpea sandwich -- crispy, moist, and tangy from the Vegenaise and, surprisingly, a pickle.

Coco Frey
Cauliflower nuggets.
Last but certainly not least was the dehydrated cauliflower nugget, which was sweet and spicy at the same time. The presentations of most of the dishes were beautifully accompanied by the house carrot, tomato, pepper purée that not only kept the dishes bright but also added a dynamic of flavor to the items.

This little restaurant has big plans that include home delivery meals and school lunch programs. The ambitious duo is bringing a healthy venture to the Delray restaurant scene, and I look forward to dining there again soon, for breakfast.

Garden of Vegan is located at 528 NE Second St. in Delray Beach. Call 561-404-5301, or visit

-- Coco Frey,

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Garden of Vegan

528 NE 2nd St., Delray Beach, FL

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