Fourth of July Cooking: Let Common Sense Be Your Guide

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Don't be this guy.
If you waited for July 4 to fire up the grill for the first time this summer then shame on you. This is South Florida where grilling in December is no big deal. You should be an expert, and it should show on Independence Day.

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Whether you're grilling steaks, chicken, fish or vegetables the key is patience. First of all, it's summer and it's hot. That alone is enough to slow you down, but you don't want to be running around and end up with heatstroke. At the same time moving too fast will ruin your barbecue. It'll make your food rubbery, dry, and an embarrassment to both yourself and our great celebration of American independence.

Here are a few common-sense tips that will make your barbecue something special, and something people will lobby you to repeat throughout the rest of the year.

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