Beer Geeks Across the Globe Donate Cash and Super-Rare Brews to Benefit Florida Man

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Courtesy of Gene Devaney
Boyce's two sons, Ryan and Connor, holding their new twin sisters, Zoe and Amelia.
When Lake Mary resident Gene Devaney started a thread on last Wednesday, his intention was to merely gather a few hundred bucks in donations to help a friend who recently suffered the tragic loss of his wife. The outpouring of support from the craft beer community in the days following the thread has exceeded anything Devaney could have ever imagined, with forum members as far away as Europe donating portions of their personal stashes to help raise money for his friend.

Dave Boyce and his wife Tabitha were expecting twin baby girls when on June 1st she was admitted to the hospital to deliver the twins via C-section. After taking medication to treat nausea and a severe headache, Tabitha slipped into unconsciousness and never woke up.

Despite nurses' unsuccessful attempts to wake Tabitha, she was rushed into emergency surgery where the C-section was performed, delivering healthy identical twin baby girls, Zoe and Amelia. But sadly, their mother would never be able to hold her newborn twins.

Approaching 36 weeks of pregnancy, Tabitha had experienced only a few complications. But nothing indicated any life-threatening conditions. A CT scan revealed that Tabitha had suffered a stroke. The neurologist who performed surgery on Tabitha was able to clear the bleeding, but a subsequent scan revealed an aneurysm in a deeper area of the brain that was inoperable. Tabitha was soon placed on life support with the hope that she would recover, but never did. Ten days later, Dave made the excruciating decision to remove his wife from life support and Tabitha died on the early morning of June 12.

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