Dirty Blondes Bouncers Beat Customers; Customers Lawyer Up (Video)

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Screenshot from Instagram via keelan_lftm_dumont
A bar brawl leads to arrests at Dirty Blondes.
Details are still sketchy about exactly what happened in the moments leading up to what appears to be several bouncers hitting a group of patrons outside of Fort Lauderdale Beach dive bar Dirty Blondes on Sunday afternoon.

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But what happened during the altercation is apparent since it was recorded and posted on Instagram by Keelan Dumont. In the video, a man in a black "bouncer" shirt is seen stomping on the head of a patron after punching him and pushing him over.

According to our music blog, County Grind, sources said that "when the alleged victim, Alexander Coelho, returned to the scene to try to explain to the cops how he had been treated by the Dirty Blondes security guards, Coelho was arrested on two charges, battery on an officer and disorderly conduct."

Broward County records show that the battery-on-an-officer charge against Coelho is a third-degree felony, with a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

According to WSVN-TV, Coelho and another patron, David Parker, have bonded out of jail and have hired an attorney.

Previously, the bar issued a statement on its Facebook page, saying it "deeply regrets the matter which occurred at Dirty Blondes," but the entire Facebook page has since been removed.

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*Message from the Official Boycott Dirty Blondes Team*

We need EVERYONES help!

Facebook has banned the page Admins for 12 hrs. This is not a time we can afford to stop reporting the updates to the situation. PLEASE go to the Facebook page and let the fans know we're not gone. We WILL RETURN in full force as soon as Facebook lets us back in.

We've filed a request for review with Facebook and may get back in sooner than 12 hrs.

We believe this may be due to an attack from people who want us silenced. By "flagging" our content they MAY have been able to spark and automated ban from us posting by Facebook.

Keep going, SHARE MORE THAN EVER. Don't let this die!

Kim Siv
Kim Siv

beaten by bouncers & THEY'RE in jail..... yeah that makes sense


Similar incident happened to me and my friends 15 years ago, I called the cops on the thug bouncer and the thug got arrested. This place picks on tourists, they charge them extra, if you don't pay, you get beat up, if you don't tip 20% you get beat up. Since then, when we visit FLL every year, we spent our money at Elbo room in the corner, only 3 places down.

Richard Lines
Richard Lines

Yes that's how most of them bouncers fight got to grab you from behind like little girls

Richard Jones
Richard Jones

Unfortunately I think these guys are the rule and not the exception when it comes to bouncers.

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