Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day: Dress Like a Cow, Get Free Food

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Check out Robert Klemm from Boynton Beach: Moo goes the dynamite!
Today, July 12, is Cow Appreciation Day. That means that when you show up at a Chick-Fil-A dressed like a cow (or even partially like a cow) you'll get free food. Here's the deal:

Show up wearing a full (head-to-hoof) cow outfit and get a free meal. Wear a partial cow costume and receive a free entree.

If you don't happen to have a cow costume in your closet (we'll wait while you check) this "cow starter kit".

There's also a cow costume contest, where you can download your best bovine imitation to win Chick-fil-A prizes.

Even if you don't enter, the pictures are pretty hilarious:

A moooving family portrait.
Here's a video tutorial on how to dress like a cow (hint: wear spots):

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Rj Petrucci
Rj Petrucci

Awful - promoting the business of an anti-gay bigot. SO would you promote the business of an active Klan member too?

Curt Cole
Curt Cole

or of course you could always dress as an anti-gay bigot if you go there, you'd fit right in


Still not a good enough reason to go to that place.

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