Broward-Palm Beach Gets Its Own Yelp Community and Community Manager

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When many people think of Yelp, they probably think of it primarily as restaurant reviews. But the users of the massive social networking site review every kind of business, from dry cleaners to acupuncturists. People like to express their opinions, good and bad, and Yelp has provided users an outlet for their thoughts, impressions, and feelings since 2004.

But Yelp also goes beyond being some massive aggregation of anonymous reviews. It's a true social network where users can converse, earn badges, become members of the "Elite Squad", and even attend offline meetups. When an area gets populated and active enough, it officially becomes its own community and is assigned a community manager -- a Yelp employee whose job it is to liaison with Yelpers in a given area. They arrange events, communicate with users, write reviews, and generally manage the community -- as the title implies.

Before March, the Broward Palm Beach community was left mooching off its Yelp hub to the south, Miami. But after witnessing a thriving local populace of foodie and other reviewers, Broward Palm Beach Yelp launched and, with it, a new community manager to play ringmaster to it all.

Born and raised in Miami, Blue Arauz (also known by his Yelp display name as Blue "Daba Dee Daba Di" A) studied marketing and journalism at FIU and never saw himself embarking on a career in the online realm. Working previously in marketing at local nightclubs, his life changed when he landed a dream internship with Yelp Miami.

"I instantly fell in love with the culture and the brand." Arauz says. "After three months, I was promoted to marketing assistant and helped throw some great Yelp events."

Finding his niche in the internet review company, Arauz credits Johhny T, the Miami community manager, for mentoring him up the corporate ladder.

"It's almost like [Johhny T] was grooming me for something, but I had no idea Broward-Palm Beach was even launching in March. I applied, and here I am now, living in a new community and exploring all the wonderful things it has to offer."

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