A Kosher Smorgasbord at Eighteen Sauces in Hollywood

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Eighteen Sauces isn't hard to spot from the road.
The dearth of variety of kosher food along Stirling Road frustrated Orlee Arfi when she and her husband, Mike, moved to South Florida five years ago.

"It's Israeli food or a steak house," she said of the nearby choices. The stretch of Stirling in between Interstate 95 and U.S. 441 is littered with pita huts and strip mall restaurants with large kosher signs.

Eat shwarma for two weeks straight and you'll understand how people who keep kosher -- a Jewish practice of consuming only foods that conform to a strict set of rules -- risk boredom.

"We're foodies," she said. "We wanted to not feel like we were eating in a kosher place."

So the pair took over a freestanding building near the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, gutted it, and repainted it neon green and gray.

They named it Eighteen Sauces for the dozen and a half concoctions you can choose for any sandwich, many woth hints of an Israeli genesis. There's curry mayo, teriyaki, and sweet chili.

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Eighteen Sauces

4251 State Road 7, Hollywood, FL

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2 out of 5 Stars... if even.
    Driving past I immediately thought... What a great concept!  I love how sauces can bring out the flaver of good meats and a sandwich place built around that is definitely worth a try!
Was I ever wrong!
     When I walked in, I noticed someone had paid attention to the colors & logo and achieved a slick look so I asked if this is a 'chain'?  Nope, it's a standalone.  Even better!  I love to support local business & entrepreneurship.
     The order taker was friendly & conversational (always an unusual plus these days) and when she saw I was unfamiliar with the menu, she asked if I'd like a suggestion... I said Yes please.  She suggested the Ribeye sandwich and talked up the "very high quality" meat... which wasn't nessesary... she had me at "ribeye".  I was dissappointed that 18 sauces didn't include anything with horseradish but no biggie.  I went with sauteed onions & herb mayo & a side of breaded mushrooms.
Was alittle knocked over with the total... $18.50 with no drink.  But ok, no prob.
     As I sat down, I noticed the seating was 'backwards'.  I could choose a counter that would put me face-up to a green wall or a bench that wouldn't allow me to look out the window.  There were chairs that faced the window but I prefer the more comfortable bench.  If the layout were reversed, more seating could face the window.  Also, someone chose brushed aluminum mica laminate for the counter & trim.  I've worked with this stuff and it's wrong for high traffic areas... and it already shows the dents and delaminated corners which will eventually become dangerous.
     As I waited and anticipated a tasty ribeye sandwich, my mushrooms arrived.  Meh.  As advertised I suppose, but filled with hot oil that you better wait to cool if you don't like scalding your mouth.  Not much flavor.  I also observed some burgers being served at another table.  I didn't realize they were hamburgers at first because the buns overhung the burger by so much all the way around... picture an umbrella with the meat as the skinny handle... lol.  I began to wonder about my lunch choice.
     After a short wait, my uhmm "ribeye" sandwich arrived.  Well if this was ribeye, either I'm a monkey's uncle or this was a complete waste of cow.  It was not a steak.  It was chopped up little bits of grissely (I'm guessing cow) meat... and damn little of that!  Very sparing on the meat.  Ughh!  From the first bite, I thought... now this is a very familiar taste.  Tasted like WATER.  Sandwich textured water.  Completely tasteless.  Onions were tasteless & the 'meat' was tasteless.  The mayo was the most distinctive flavor here... and it wasn't worth $18.50.
     I finished & tipped a couple of bucks and was gone.  I'm really sorry to trash a local business but to anyone reading this, I'd much rather buy you lunch at Burger King than have you buy me lunch at Eighteen Sauces.

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