Un-Cronut: The Kronut Kruller Debuts at Red The Steakhouse

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Laine Doss
Kronut Krullers coming to Red the Steakhouse.
You've heard about it. You've read about it. But until you've sunk your teeth into a hybrid donut/croissant you haven't experienced baked goods Nirvana.

In May, Manhattan baker and James Beard finalist Dominique Ansel unleashed the cronut onto the world. The little pastry almost immediately became a worldwide phenomenon, with an entire cottage industry springing up of people buying and selling cronuts for about $40 each. Can't spring for an entire cronut? We actually found some guy selling a semi-eaten cronut for twenty bucks. Desperate times call for desperate measures, we guess.

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Before you consider taking a flight to New York to see what all the fuss is about, we have a better idea. Take a drive to Red the Steakhouse in Boca Raton for their own version of the dessert -- the kronut kruller.

To make the kronut kruller, Red's pastry chef Heather Jesus starts with a basic (and buttery) croissant recipe. After the dough is formed, it rests several times to develop multiple layers. Then, more butter is added. Once the desired number of layers is achieved, the dough is cut, formed into a doughnut, and fried. The result? A pastry that's buttery, flaky, and light.

The kronuts will be served at Red as a trio of flavors and will be priced at $13.50 per serving. Each serving will include one each of triple chocolate (filled with chocolate pastry cream, dipped in chocolate glaze, with caramellia pearls); sour summer (lemon pastry cream, lemon glaze, and candied lemon zest); and raspberry delight (vanilla bean pastry cream, plan glaze, and raspberry sugar sprinkles).

The kronut kruller debuts on Monday, June 17, giving you time over the weekend to invest in a good pair of elastic waist pants.

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UPDATE, AUGUST 26: Apparently pastry chef Dominique Ansel, who just landed a sweet book deal, isn’t happy about the viral spread of his creation to other cities. Fillmore Bakeshop reported this morning that lawyers asked the boutique bakery to stop using the name “Kronuts” for its Saturday morning special. Here’s what the bakery posted on its Facebook page:

“So we guess this is 2013′s East Coast-West Coast battle? We have officially been asked to no longer use the name “Kronut.” So please take note: from now on, the fried delight formally known as the “Kronut” shall henceforth be referred to as the “SFonut” by we here at the Fillmore Bakeshop (or at least until we get another letter from someone’s lawyer). And to think only a few weeks ago so few even knew we existed!!”

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