Ten Geekiest Beers to Bring Out Your Inner Nerd

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Imperial troops have entered the base!
Episode 13 - B. Nektar Strikes Back - B. Necktar Meadery, Michigan
There's no doubt that Star Wars themed anything is generally a hit, but this is mead with an AT-AT on the label! It may not be 'beer' in that it's made from malted barley, but it's a fermented beverage classified under the Beer Judge Certification Program's style guidelines as style categories 24 through 26, so I'm including it here. Also, mead is awesome.

"A long time ago, in basement not far from Detroit..." the label begins. "In an effort to strengthen their cause, the rebels sent out thousands of bottles across the galaxy."
It's a sweet honey mead that has been aged in bourbon barrels, cleverly depicted as an AT-AT made of wooden barrels on the bottle's label. Other amusing product names from this meadery include Necromangocon, a mango and black pepper honey wine, Apple Pi, made from fresh apple cider, honey, and pie spices, and Mead Love You Long Time, a mead with star anise flavor, white cardamom, juniper berries, orange zest and lime zest to imitate Vietnamese ice cream.

Bernt Rostad
Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale - Black Sheep Brewery, UK
Whether delivered via laden swallows or found hidden away in the Castle Anthrax, Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale is one of the more famous geeky beers, and one that has surely crossed the gifting paths of any Python fan. Produced by Black Sheep Brewery in North Yorkshire, it is the official beer of Monty Python.

They are very open about its contents as well. "We brew Holy Grail with Maris Otter malt, an old and expensive variety that is renowned for the taste and the quality of the beer it produces," the brewery exclaims. "A mixture of old English Hop varieties including a touch of WGV hops gives Holy Grail its lovely fruity nose."

It is, by their accounts, a "proper Yorkshire beer" with just a hint of wheat added in to give it that extra body. It's not a bad brew either, and we'd consider drinking it even if we had no arms left, you stupid bastard.

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