Peace A Pizza Delivers Craft Beer And Craft Pizza In Boca

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Peace A Pizza in Boca Raton might have been flying under your radar as 'just another pizza place', but if you've been in during the past few months, you'll have noticed a bit of a change: posters topped with logos like Cigar City, Dogfish Head, and Left Hand! Yes, gone are the days of funky pizza and bland beer, now craft beer has moved in.

This is all part of new owner/operator Chris Power's plan for this franchise establishment.

"It's what I'd be wanting to eat," he says of the pizza and beer combos. "People are so happy when they're eating."

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Peace A Pizza is the latest South Florida establishment that is putting a lot of faith in the craft beer market.

The pizza chain, Peace A Pizza, is of Philadelphian origin. Founded in Rosemont, PA by Pete Howey and Aaron Nocks 15 years ago, they've grown into a group of eight restaurants around the Pennsylvania area - and one in Boca Raton.

Chris brings a background in fine dining and the culinary arts to the table. He attended culinary school before working gigs in Las Vegas and his native Colorado. Growing up in Denver gave him his first appreciation of the craft beer scene.

"We had great beers like Fat Tyre, and everything coming out of Flying Dog Brewing," he said. "One of my friends was related to the head brewer of Flying Dog, and that allowed us to really cut our teeth a little early on in the craft beer movement."

Moving to Florida, he worked at various places and ended up at Brown Distributing for a while. But food was always close to his heart.

"I really wanted to open a gastropub," he remarked. But nothing fell quite into place, until his commercial agent showed him the property on Yamato. "I had driven past it a thousand times, but never went in," he admitted. "But as soon as I did, I fell in love with the place... I saw so much potential."

So at the beginning of this year, Chris took over operations and began to slowly make the changes that would transform the small pizzeria into a slice of craft beer heaven.

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Clean Plate Charlie
Clean Plate Charlie

Most pizzerias - as I'm sure you know, of all people, know - only bother to license for onsite consumption. We have confirmed that this business also has a second license for offsite consumption, kind of like a liquor store. So, there you go.

Mike Tomasso
Mike Tomasso

I believe delivering beer may be illegal.

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