James Gandolfini's Last Meal: Eight Drinks, Fried Prawns, and Foie Gras

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James Gandolfini's last meal was epic.
The autopsy reports are in on Soprano's star James Gandolfini, and as suspected, the actor died of a massive heart attack.

ABC News is reporting that the 51-year-old star "died of a heart attack, with no evidence of substance abuse or foul play," according to a statement issued by family friend Michael Kobold at a news conference held at Rome's Boscolo Exedra hotel, which was where Gandolfini was staying with his son.

The burly actor was spotted at several cafes, including one in the Trastavere neighborhood, enjoying the evening air and the local cuisine. Though everyone has to eat, it looks as though the actor, much like his Tony Soprano character, took his pleasures to an unhealthy extreme.

The New York Post is reporting that Gandolfini's dinner before he died was, indeed, worthy of the title "last meal."

According to the Post, a source in Rome said that "Gandolfini guzzled four shots of rum, two pina coladas, and two beers at dinner with his son -- while he chowed down on two orders of fried king prawns and a 'large portion' of foie gras."

The unnamed source said that the Tony nominee and Emmy-award-winning thespian "first ordered a pina colada with two additional shots of rum on the side. He followed that up with an identical round -- a pina colada and two shots -- and then downed two beers."

The Post reports that Gandolfini ordered two servings of fried prawns with mayonnaise chili sauce and a portion of foie gras, downing the entire meal himself. His 13-year-old son, Michael, was said to have ordered two virgin coladas with his meal.

Nearly "everything [Gandolfini] ordered was fried. Obviously, that's going to cause problems with your heart," the source noted.

Although Gandolfini has had a history of problems with drug and alcohol abuse, in today's news conference, Kobold said the initial autopsy reports ruled out "evidence of drug use, alcohol abuse, or foul play."

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It is ludicrous, hypocritical and misleading to report, in the media and the autopsy report, that there was no evidence of substance abuse. Mr Gandolfini, for all his "living his life my way" - which ideal I have the utmost respect for, was indeed a substance abuser... abusing both alcohol and food. It is a disservice to overeaters, the obese, over drinkers and undeclared "functional" alcoholics to assert there was no evidence of alcohol or other substance abuse. There was most certainly both acute abuse to his health and body on the evening of his death, as well as, degenerative abuse to his body and health over a sustained period. Accolades, talent, awards and autonomy aside, James Gandolfini died the way he lived... in his own inimitable and excessive self abusive way. 

The Kitchen Prescription
The Kitchen Prescription

It's strange because when I learned of the sad news, and that he died in Italy, my next thought was, I wonder what his last meal was. Bet it was good. Only a foodie would think of such things. May he rest in peace.


Why do you share this crap without doing some research, the fried prawns (2) were his dinner, the foie gras his app. The drinks included 2 Virgin Pina Coladas (his sons), he had some shots of rum, (and coffee), You are so irresponsible in your reporting. Why don't you just call the National Inquirer or Star? Or maybe you could just check your facts first.

Jennifer Furner Jensen
Jennifer Furner Jensen

atleast he made no excuses and lived the way he wanted to - sometimes that means we burn out fast - he should be celebrated that he lived the way he chose to live

Art Greenwald
Art Greenwald

My dad used to rightfully say..."Food is the ruination of most people." Sad.

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