GMO Bills Passed Connecticut and Maine; Senator Sachs Revising Florida Bill For Next Session

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Still Anti-GMO activists are optimistic about the progress.

"It's awesome that these bills have passed," said Trish Sheldon of GMO Free Florida. "Connecticut's biggest selling point was based on health issues alone. It's amazing, because there are not many studies about health affects. But the ones that have been conducted all indicate negative impacts on health."

Earlier this week Sheldon met with Senator Sachs to discuss Florida's labeling draft, which will be reintroduced in the upcoming fall legislative session.

"We have a couple of bills we talked about," said Sheldon, "The Center for Food Safety model and the Connecticut bill, but we're thinking about keeping it simple for Florida. We're leaning toward going with Food and Water Watch's Let Me Decide and Just Label It campaigns, which are based off the premise that we have a right to know what's in our food."

Sheldon has been working on labeling initiatives for quite some time now. Since the failure of California's Prop. 37, she's seen a huge uptick in champions for the measure, which was only magnified by the passage of the Farmer's Assurance Provision in the Continuing Resolution Act.

"Ever since the rider I've seen a steady increase in support," she said. "People are livid and they're coming out of the woodwork."

South Florida's next big anti-GMO demonstration is taking place on the Fourth of July. GMO Free Florida and Millions Against Monsanto Florida will be hosting Moms Across America March on Fort Lauderdale Beach (near Las Olas Blvd. and A1A) from 1 p.m. onwards. The groups are planning to march and set up posters to raise awareness during the Fourth of July festivities.

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Let's go FLORIDA! Thanks for your continued reporting on our current GMO Food issues in Fl! 


@tristessa88 It's important to our readers and to us. Keep working and letting us know what's going on. We'll keep writing about it. Thanks!

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