Four Bots for a Brewtopia: Beer Drones, Robo-taps, and Other "Cybeernetic" Organisms

See, the government isn't spying on us. They're bringing us refreshing beers. The camera? Umm, an easier way to take selfies?
Terminator, Robocop and Transformers: what do these movies all have in common? They don't tell us how robots will bring us beer, and that's just damn rude.

Even more terrifying is that Hollywood may be predicting the future of humanity. With the ubiquity of drones and the NSA surveillance dragnet, it makes us all wonder what's coming next. Automated ballistic missile submarines? Invisible tanks? Hopefully a Trans-human beer IV instead. Thankfully there are a few geeks out there whose lives are devoted to the endless pursuit of automated beer service, thus averting any dystopian apocalyptic robot scenario and restoring humanity to its rightful position as master of machine.

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This year is not even half over and the world has seen a new round of beverage service robots, all of which were built for the obvious intention of serving mankind in furtherance of its utmost potential. If it isn't already abundantly clear, robots should be intended to make our lives easier, i.e. bring more beer.

4. The clairvoyant servant

The computer scientists at Cornell University's Personal Robotics Lab are keen to this idea with a robot that predicts when we want a beer. In the video above the bot predicts other actions too, like opening a fridge door, pouring a beer or any other type of programed activity. A PR2 robot equipped with a Kinect camera is tied to a database of 3-D videos used to teach it how to anticipate human reactions. The algorithms used to determine outcomes are similar to how Google uses its autocomplete function to anticipate the words you type. The robot purportedly gets it right 82 percent of the time.

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