How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs With Chef Peter Boulukos of S3

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Everyone knows how to scramble an egg, in theory. After all, scrambled is probably the easiest egg cooking method there is, even easier than boiling. Scrambled is what you do if you're aiming to make some other kind -- sunny side up, over easy -- and you screw it up right at the get-go by breaking the yoke. "Screw it, we're doing it scrambled!"

And yet, it is possible mess up scrambled eggs.

To help you with your egg cooking endeavors we enlisted the help of the Restaurant People's Peter Boulukos, co-owner of S3. He shows us how to whip up the perfect scrambled eggs every time.

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Step One: Heat your frying pan over low heat.


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Can you teach me to boil water next Peter!

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