Lindsay Autry of Sundy House is South Florida's Top Chef

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Being a finalist on season nine of Bravo's Top Chef, may have brought Tastemaker number 9, Lindsay Autry into our living rooms, but the chef had been working on her culinary career long before that.

The Johnson & Wales University graduate's career started as a kid in North Carolina, trying to figure out what to do with all the leftover peaches on her family's orchard. A protegee of Michelle Bernstein, Autry served as executive chef at the Omphoy Ocean Resort and Michelle Bernstein restaurant, spent several years at the best restaurants in Mexico, and co-hosted several pop-up dinners with Roy Villacrusis, before being named executive chef at historic Sundy House.

Autry also serves as resident chef at Swank Farms' Swank Table series and is active in Share our Strength, proving that there is much life before...and after...the television cameras go away.

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frankd4 topcommenter

Chef-driven restaurants ! ! !

exactly EVERY patron should first ask "WHO does the cooking here" whereEVER they eat

of course most don't realize WHO is really in the kitchen and would be surprised to find mostly prison COOKs and various other wash-outs who can handle the heat 

how hard is it to throw frozen french fries or cicken pieces into hot oil or a burger on a grill or scoop sides from processed foods in plastic tubs (even pickles are pre sliced in plastic packages) and even sushi wizards who look japanese really from korea pushing mis-marked seafood (PIG RECTUM sells as CALAMARI)

SYSCO and HENRY LEE and CHENEY BROS process frozen foods that almost anyone can HEAT UP and SERVE - just ask for a FRESH TOMATO and see what gets delivered to your table - are the basis for restaurants in south florida = period

a CHEF would have his or her REPUTATION to defend and could never serve the bland frozen pre-processed stuff and claim to be a CHEF, cook maybe, but not CHEF

my best to LINDSAY AUTRY

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