Paul Castronovo: Give Him Pasta and Wine and He's Good to Go

Categories: Food Festivals

If you've spent more than five minutes in South Florida, you know who Paul Castronovo is. As part of the Paul and Young Ron Show, Castronovo has woken up more South Floridians than a strong cup of Cuban coffee.

The Paul and Young Ron morning radio show is much more than the usual comedic high jinks. It builds our community while it entertains, and a large part of that is food talk.

Castronovo, you see, is the ultimate "foodie," talking about local restaurants, interviewing chefs, and participating in the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The radio personality is also president of Castronovo Vineyards, which imports a fantastic Montelpucciano d' Abbruzzo from Italy.

When Paul Castronovo talks about food or wine, hundreds of thousands of people listen. And that makes him one powerful Tastemaker and number two on our countdown.

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