Marc Falsetto of Rok:Brgr Hopes to See More Chefs Taking Culinary Leaps

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Tastemaker 17 is Marc Falsetto, founder and CEO of ROK:BRGR Burger Bar and Gastropub in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

You've probably noticed that gastropubs serving up craft beers and hand-crafted burgers are pretty popular these days. And for good reason - craft burgers and craft beers are two of the greatest things to ever have the word craft put in front of them.

What you may or may not know, is that ROK:BRGR and its founder Falsetto were at the head of the crashing tidal wave that is the gastropub trend.

Instead of just slinging plain beef patties and fries washed down American lagers, Falsetto's burgers are culinary creations made from Kobe beef with toppings like fried eggs and lobster. And instead of just fries, how about a helping of poutine? Nowadays, every bar in town is expanding their craft beer selection but they most likely wouldn't be if ROK:BRGR hadn't lead the way, giving locals a thirst for more than the average six pack.

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ROK:BRGR Burger Bar and Gastropub

208 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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I have to say, nothing beats the RokBrgr Ahi Tuna burger. Seriously... Best tuna burger I've had anywhere!!! We always enjoy our visits there. Not only the food, but the staff is top notch. I've been to excellent restaurants in super nice areas in Florida, New York, etc...and I've been to absolutely amazing restaurants in areas you'd be afraid to walk alone at night. A good restaurant is a good restaurant. 

frankd4 topcommenter

what i actually would consider REVOLUTIONARY would be to have ONE of these "discoverer" types have enough confidence in their "creations" to go OFF-las olas and away from the HIGH RENT districts and put MORE into the actual FOOD ingredients and NOT into RENT

i have flown to montreal and new orleans to seek out HARD to FIND hole-in-the-walls with the real BEST stuff which makes the excursion all the more rewarding

BUT alas the shallow mind dicates being drawn to the next shinny object that dart by

frankd4 topcommenter

as for this CRAFT beer idea......................old heidelburg and bavarian inn have been serving original german crafted beirs since forever (until bavarian inn was bulldozed)

 but somehow if its not ON las olas (and being a few blocks north or south of actual LAS OLAS qualifies, apparently) it isn't covered  as being IN 

i even remember an actual brewery where OFF THE HOOKAH is today - i think it was the ft lauderdale brewery which made beer

anyway i'm waiting for the next guy to come along and claim he has re-invented the HOT DOG

frankd4 topcommenter

yeah like NOT relying on SYSCO and HENRY LEE and CHENEY BROS for processed food

these places even get their PICKLES pre-sliced in plastic bags these days to save on kitchen space so soon enough someone will just go buffet style by putting the BOXes out on a table right off the delivery truck with NO NEED for a kitchen anymore

i've tried ROK burger a couple of times and their burgers are like dried sponges - no juice when squeezed in the bun

and if you want REAL POUTINE try dairy bell from real canadians who know real maple syrup (i dare gastroPUB to tell me where their "syrup" comes from) and of course "The Cheese - The cheese is the most important part of good poutine. You must use FRESH white, cheddar cheese CURDS. These curds have a taste and texture very different than actual cheddar cheese. The cheese curds will actually squeak in your teeth as you bite them. While curds are available in most Canadian supermarkets, they are not found in many American markets (the closest thing in taste is Mozzarella String Cheese - but don't use this stuff!)."......................from what is poutine ? WIKI

forget the cheese being either FRESH or have CURDs .......................or NOT being from SYSCO or HENRY LEE or CHENEY BROS

ugh gastroPUB ? well maybe for tourists but not for purists

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