Jodi Swank of Swank Farms Would Vote Nutella Off the Island

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Things are growing in Loxahatchee. That's where Jodi and Darrin Swank of Swank Specialty Produce grow some of the most beautiful and desired vegetables and herbs on their hydroponic farm.

Though farming isn't easy in South Florida, the work pays off. The produce from the farm, which includes 200 varieties of vegetables, edible flowers, and microgreens, can be found in nearly every South Florida farm-to-table restaurant.

Jodi Swank personally delivers the goods to the toniest kitchens, starting with Miami in the beginning of the week, then working her way up to West Palm beach on Thursday. Not a restaurant? Swank also sells direct to the public, in season.

Swank also hosts a farm-to-table dining series at the farm. The Swank Table, led by the Swanks with resident chef Lindsay Autry, brings together some of the best toques in South Florida for lunches and dinners -- many of them with a charitable component like the Hot Pink Lunch to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Wearin' O' the Green Salad brunch to benefit the Red Cross.

Jodi Swank's green thumb is attached to a good heart, and all of South Florida benefits.

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Swank Farms

14311 N. Road, Loxahatchee, FL

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