Whole Foods Coral Springs Launches Craft Beer Tap Bar

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The craft beer choices.
A Coral Springs Whole Foods is the fifth branch of the national supermarket chain to offer a tap bar with a rotating selection of draft craft beers alongside an array of beer friendly bites.

"We're still in the beginning stages for this location," said Jonny Rose, a marketing team leader who's helping the spearhead the effort. In case you haven't realized it, South Florida has joined much of the rest of the country in the craft beer craze.

The menu, which launched on Monday, includes a Satay Sampler ($11.99) offering skewered chicken with Thai chili and mojito-spiced sauces, and lemon shrimp. There's also balsamic blue cheese nachos ($4.99) with roasted red pepper and the mandatory cheeseburger sliders ($6.99) and wings with homemade Buffalo sauce ($4.99). Food can be taken in house or to go. No road beers

Satay sampler.
Yet the beer choices -- what's really important - will be seven or eight rotating draft options. Early options include a wheat ale courtesy Boynton Beach's Due South Brewery as well as Native Lager and Tampa's Cigar City Brewing's hoppy Jai Lai. The list will rotate, though on no particular schedule, Rose added.

If you don't like the draft options you can also buy single bottles or skip the suds and opt for wine.

It is not doubt a good thing that Whole Foods is behind the craft beer movement. It's even better that a South Florida location is rolling out a bar with beer from a South Florida brewer.

Yet a bar inside a supermarket could be dangerous proposition. Sage advice says to only go food shopping when you're not hungry, that way you buy things you'll need rather than what looks good at the moment.

So what looks good after a couple pints of Due South? Lots of organic potato chips.

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Mike Worley
Mike Worley

This is very popular in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Whole Food stores. Such a cool set up.

Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner

Pretty cool. I wouldn't go out of my way to sit at WF and have a draft but it would be fun to have one while shopping. Are the carts going to have cup holders now?!

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