March Against Monsanto Miami: More Than 1,300 Protestors, Senator Maria Lorts Sachs Attended (Photos)

Sara Ventiera
As part of a global day of action, over 1,300 protestors turned up to Miami's Omni/ Adrienne Arscht Metro station to take part in the worldwide March Against Monsanto.

Organizers say more than two million people took part in rallies across more than 400 cities spread throughout 52 countries -- much higher numbers than initially expected.

Miami's march involved a varied array of individuals from all over South Florida and included a speech by Senator Maria Lorts Sachs, who sponsored the Senate mandatory labeling initiative in the last legislative session.

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In the US most corn and soybean crops are genetically modified. Those two ingredients are included in a large portion of the countries processed foods.

Kyle Childrey

After the failure of California's Proposition 37, a bill which required mandatory labeling of such genetically modified material in foods, failed last November activists began making bigger pushes to get mandatory labeling initiatives on other state ballots.

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Omni Transit Station

1455 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Thank you to the editorial staff for covering the local leg of this global protest. Since Monsanto's products affect our bodies, our environment and our economy, I cannot think of a more important story to cover. Since between 70-80% of foods on our grocery store shelves contain GMO ingredients, I cannot think of a more appropriate story for a food blog to cover. The science supporting the safety of any given GMO crop currently on the market or coming up for approval in the next 2 years seems lacking at best. Since these products can presumably lead to irreversible changes in our environments and our own physiology, I find it unconscionable that our regulators fail to demand thorough and objective science. However, this is not surprising since those regulatory agencies have been staffed with so many former Monsanto employees. If Monsanto (and others) are convinced there is a market demand for their products, they would label them allowing consumers to choose. If they were convinced of the good science showing these products to be safe, they would not lobby for bills like the so-called Monsanto Protection Act pre-emptively denying consumers the right to sue for damages should they occur.


You have to wonder about the editorial staff that allows this kind of moronic BS to be printed in a food blog.  People protesting against a company that provides solutions that feed millions of people in overpopulated countries. Let them starve and die,so a bunch of dopey kids can have something to do while they look for jobs.

Scott Sheckman
Scott Sheckman

I realize "they" have probably conducted focus groups that may have suggested labeling GMO foods could cause serious social problems as the alt choice (more expensive organic foods) could be considered out of financial reach for many...however, I think the precedent has been set by consumable products that feature labels...and despite the most dangerous labels, like those put on Tobacoo, the consumer makes up their own mind on a daily basis depending on numerous factors. And we're not asking it to be labelled "dangerous"...rather just label what it is....who knows, GMO food consumption could turn out to be a fashionable trend, like wearing Tommy H in public.


Way to go Broward & Miami!!!  A HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to Sen. Sachs, New Times, Clean Plate Charlie (to be one of the only media outlets to cover this important issue!) Food & Water Watch, GMO Free Florida, Millions Against Monsanto FL, Florida Right to Know, And March Against Monsanto!  THANK YOU!



You have to wonder how there is no scientific evidence to back your claim yet you just repeat it.  For example, "The first obstacle is the claim that genetically modified crops are necessary if we are to secure food production within the next decades. This claim has no scientific support, but is rather a reflection of corporate interests.""An objective review of current knowledge places GM crops far down the list of potential solutions in the coming decades."    “A UN investigator into food policy, Jean Ziegler, told the London-based Independent newspaper that he was "against the theory of the multinational corporations who say if you are against hunger you must be for genetically modified organisms". "There is plenty of natural, normal, good food in the world to nourish the double of humanity," he says.”

Why wouldn't people be against a company that manufactured Agent Orange, PCB's, etc. and is responsible for the death, deformation, etc. of probably millions?  Not to mention that they are modern day Nazis by spending millions of dollars to keep people from knowing and consenting to being part of a medical experiment.  If you want to be a part of a medical experiment on humans that is your choice but you have to wonder about a person that makes up moronic BS in comments and supports human rights violations.

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