How to Grill the Perfect Burger With Executive Chef Jim Leiken of Cafe Boulud

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Step Eleven: Plate your burger. Cafe Boulud uses Brioche from Old School Bakery in Delray Beach--that's the French thing--but for an American style burger Leiken opts for a potato roll. "It's my favorite. It's sweet, soft, and squishy. And it has the substance to hold up to the burger."

Step Twelve: Add whatever condiments and garnishes you like. Cafe Boulud uses local beefsteak tomatoes, red onion, housemade aioli, homemade ketchup, secret sauce, cornichons, capers, and Boston lettuce. The sauce is placed on both of the buns with the lettuce just on top of the bottom bun. "We use Boston lettuce because it holds up well and is tender, but it doesn't dissolve," says Leiken, "That's the same reason we use whole leaf instead of shredded. The lettuce insulates the bun from the juices."



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Cafe Boulud

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