Enlightened Aquaponics at Marando Farms: Truly Sustainable Farm Raised Fish (Photos)

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Collinn Bennett
These days, everyone is all local this, sustainable that. While it's great that the world is waking up to the benefits of a local, sustainable food system, it still has a long way to go.

Yeah, we're buying fruit and veg from farmer's markets as much as possible. We're trying to buy locally caught fish. Even so, it's hard to get anything that is 100% sustainable.

If it's local produce, there's a high chance it contains pesticides or chemical fertilizer.

If it's fresh caught seafood, it could easily be a product that is over fished.

You get the point.

Well, South Florida is about to see one of its most sustainable fish and produce options yet. Enlightened Aquaponics at Marando Farms is a closed loop system that provides--you guessed it--sustainable fish and pesticide-free vegetables.

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Owner Collin Bennett of Enlightened Aquaponics set up the system. Basically, it has been designed as a closed loop: the fish provide the fertilizer--i.e. fish poop--which feeds the plants and the plants in turn filter the water before it goes back to the fish.

Collin Bennett
This particular set-up holds tilapia--an omnivorous fresh water fish--but any fresh water fish could be used with similar results.

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Marando Farms

1401 SW 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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