Boulud Sud Popup is Coming Back for the Summer (Photos)

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Consider this your vacation
South Florida may be one of the yachting capitals of the world, but it's not often that you find yourself sailing, drinking rose, enjoying the flavors of Mediterranean food. Well, we hate to break it you to: it's most likely not going to happen this year either.

Unless, of course, you're a winter resident of Palm Beach, chances are you're going to be sitting in your air-conditioned cubicle, looking out at hot and rainy South Florida. Sorry, that's us too.

Regardless, if you want to pretend you're enjoying that dream Mediterranean getaway, the Boulud Sud popup at Cafe Boulud is coming back to town. We spoke to Executive Chef Jim Leiken about its return.

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Based off Daniel Boulud's New York restaurant Boulud Sud, from July 3 to September 2, the popup will operate as its own restaurant on Cafe Boulud's terrace.

Open for dinner seven days a week, the food and atmosphere are intended to mimic the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean. In a similar fashion to last year's popup, the dining room will be decked out with Southern Mediterranean accents.

"Dressed up with full-grown olive trees, herb plants, Moroccan tagines, lavender and candles; it really felt like a little trip to a Provencal garden. The big added bonus for this year is that we are moving it 'outside', to our newly air-conditioned terrace, which for my money is one of the most beautiful dining spaces in the entire Boulud empire," said Executive Chef Jim Leiken.

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Grilled Blue Prawns

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Cafe Boulud

301 Australian Ave., Palm Beach, FL

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