Bimini Boatyard Hires New Executive Chef Odel Arencibia: New Health-Conscious Menu With "Caribbean Flair"

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Smoked Salmon Appetizer With Horseradish, Dill, and Creme Fraiche
Examples of this global influence include the $19 lunch special of Mediterranean-inspired grilled swordfish over white beans with lobster ragu, the fresh $46 Surf & Turf with herb marinated, grilled tenderloin and lobster tail, the $10 French-inspired smoked salmon appetizer, and the French and Italian influenced goat cheese risotto with firewood grilled herb-marinated shrimp and Champagne beurre blanc.

Grilled Seafood Pasta off the Chef's Special Menu
Currently, Arencibia is reworking the food to fit four menus: a main menu; a chef's menu, based on seasonal specialty ingredients; a private menu for parties; and a new bar menu. While he is excited about renovating the food, Arencibia is also working to make sure the menu is financially viable for the restaurant.

"I'm a numbers guy," he says. "In order for a business to succeed you have to make sure the numbers are successful, but as someone who is obviously passionate about food, I want to see growth in both areas.

"I have a lot of responsibility with Bimini," says Arencibia, "We've been here for 20 years, but I want people to come and try us. I'm always in the dining room talking to guests and getting feedback. It's a totally different approach from what the restaurant has been."

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