Bimini Boatyard Hires New Executive Chef Odel Arencibia: New Health-Conscious Menu With "Caribbean Flair"

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Arencibia has brought this fresh esthetic to Bimini Boatyard. He's been working to revamp the menu by getting away from heavy sauces and glutens and adding in high-quality proteins and sustainable seafood.

"This is a more conscious approach to food; a lot of people have developed gluten and other food allergies from seasoning agents and other ingredients. Our kitchen is friendlier to what people can eat."

Grilled Surf & Turf
Portions and presentations are being changed to not only allow guests to enjoy multiple courses, but to make it easy for guests to know exactly what they're eating.

"Dishes are going to be more simple," said Arencibia, "We're focusing on using fresh herbs and grilled ingredients on a wood-fired grill. I'm bringing sharp flavors like cilantro and marinades and sauces made from olive oil, broths, and fresh tomato sauces. We want guests to be able to walk out after a good experience without feeling too full."

Grilled Swordfish Over White Beans With Lobster Ragu
According to Arencibia, his dishes and style represent a Caribbean flair. "We will be using some French and Mediterranean techniques and some dishes with an Asian influence, but the Caribbean flair is all about the wood grill and using fresh ingredients," he said.

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Bimini Boatyard

1555 SE 17th St. Causeway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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