Pompano Beach's Vito Volpe Makes the Best Cheese in South Florida

Courtesy Mozzarita
A knack for cheese: Vito Volpe.
Some of us seek divinity and some of us stumble across it by accident. We practically crashed into the pearly gates one day when scoping out the North Bay Village Farmer's Market.

Avid cheeselovers, there was no way we were going to leave the market without our discovery -- Mozzarita burrata. Mozzarita has a full line of cheese products handmade in Pompano Beach from local ingredients; other Mozzarita products like prosciutto and olive oil are imported from Italy. The company has come a long way from when it received a nod from the Miami New Times for Best Mozzarella in 2008.

As sure as we were of taking fresh, handmade burrata home, we had no idea that it would be a life-changing experience. Vito Volpe makes the best cheese in South Florida.

So good in fact, that every Friday, we hit the market and buy out whatever's left. Obsession? Try it and you'll understand.

Volpe was kind enough to answer some questions for us, though try as we might, we couldn't finagle the recipe from him. We understand; cheese making is an age-old family tradition hailing all the way from Bari Puglia, Italy. No hard feelings, Vito.

Courtesy Mozzarita
Clean Plate Charlie: How did you get into making cheese?
Vito Volpe: I was born in a small town in south of Italy, when I was young kid I remember that I used love watching my mother making cheese, that's how my passion started.

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