Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant's Gary Burke on Gin, Hemingway's Drinking Habits

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Delray Beach is known for its burgeoning--or, well-established but still growing--culinary arts scene. So it should come as no surprise that South Florida's 'foodie city' comes stocked with a pretty decent cocktail culture too.

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant may be one of the newer spots to the neighborhood, but its bartenders know a thing or two about mixing up a drink.

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Clean Plate Charlie decided to catch up with Ceviche's Gary Burke, who was recently shipped down from Tampa, to chat about his favorite drinks and least favorite pick-up lines.

Location Info

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant - CLOSED

116 NE 6th Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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