Anthony's Runway 84 Brings Back Memories of Sundays in Brooklyn

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All photos by Laine Doss
Delta flight 84 preparing for takeoff.
When I was a kid in Brooklyn, my parents had a strange Sunday afternoon custom.

We'd get all dressed up, go over to JFK airport and hang out for a while in the International Departures Terminal. My parents would pick a fantasy flight..sometimes Barcelona, sometimes Rome, sometimes Tel Aviv. They would talk to people and watch the airplanes, while I sank into some chair slightly mortified. Then we would go back to Canarsie and eat Italian Food at Genovese House or Anna Napoli.

The days of lurking around airport departure gates to kill time have long since gone, but I just rediscovered a lot of childhood memories at Anthony's Runway 84.

I haven't been to Anthony's Runway 84 in a while and, with all the new, shiny restaurants opening on a nearly daily basis, sometimes it's easy to pass over a restaurant that's been around for 30 years or so. But, on this Saturday evening, my husband suggested having a meal at the bar of this plane-centric restaurant.

Anthony's Runway 84 bar is straight out of a Brooklyn movie set -- complete with patrons from central casting. Behold the women with big teased hair, animal print dresses, and extremely large jewels. The men wear button down shirts with cufflinks. Everyone appears to be having a great time, laughing, drinking, and eating Flintstone-sized platters of pasta and sausage.

The bartender brings a wine menu but she will not take food orders. That's left to a waiter assigned to the bar. It makes for an awkward ending to the meal (two separate checks arrive -- both needing the same credit card).

Airline travel without TSA making you take off your shoes at Runway 84.
But who cares about the destination when at Runway 84 it's the journey that counts. And right now, you're inside an airplane cockpit bound for somewhere exotic -- at least that's what it feels like. False windows depict scenes of runways and city sky vistas. Baggage claim tickets are embedded in the wood bar with shellac. A giant Delta jet floats over the liquor bottles. You would almost expect your meals to arrive on a plastic sectioned tray. They do not.

Instead, what you get is classic Italian-American cuisine, served on oversized platters. As in Brooklyn, each dish can easily feed two people. We ordered four appetizers -- way too much food (but oh, so satisfying).

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Anthony's Runway 84

330 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Like a staycation! So much better without TSA loarding over you.

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