Twinkie Resurrection: Snacks Should Return in July

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Twinkies are making a comeback.
When Hostess Brands declared bankruptcy and shut down all operations in November 2012, a collective tear was shed by the millions of children and adults who loved the company's snack cakes.

Almost immediately, there was a run on Twinkies, HoHo's, and Cupcakes as people hoarded the treats to save and/or sell on Ebay and Amazon. Sadly, though, despite a million jokes (and one memorable movie scene from Pixar's Wall-E) about the thousand-year shelf life of Twinkies, the cold hard reality was that they went stale after about 28 days -- meaning that by now, all Twinkies have long entered the pearly gates of snack-food heaven.

But some cakes cannot stay dead and, like, zombies, Twinkies are preparing for a summer resurrection. The cakes will be baked and distributed by Hostess Brands LLC, a new company formed after Apollo Global Management LLC, and Metropoulos & Co., which owns Pabst Blue Ribbon and Vlasic pickles, bought Hostess Brands Inc. for $410 million.

Already, four Hostess bakeries are gearing up by hiring hundreds of employees in Columbus, Georgia.; Emporia, Kansas.; Schiller Park, Illinois.; and Indianapolis, Indiana -- with one change. According to ABC News, the cake maker will not hire union employees.

Hostess Brands Inc. blamed union-supported employee strikes for their financial woes, which ultimately led to their demise.

On its website, the AFL-CIO stated that it was "extremely disappointed to see negative statements from company executives about the union status of its future employees. Ideally, we would like to see as many of our members hired as possible. We believe their combination of experience, dedication and know-how will give the new owners the chance to get high quality snack cakes back in the marketplace."

Whether unions return to the newly reopened bakeries, you can look forward to seeing Twinkies and Donettes return to your grocery shelves as early as July, with the other iconic treats following in August and September.

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As a self-proclaimed Twinkie aficionado, I purchased a box of 12, individualy wrapped Twinkies from my local supermarket when the Hostess bankruptsy was announced. I have every confidence that the shelf-life is way beyond the stated 28 days in the article. When the new Twinkies arrive on the shelves I will take one of the new ones and one of the old ones and make sure they compare favorably.  This will be an unscientific taste test. And one more thing...union made or non-union made...the new ones better be good or the wrath of the Twinkie gods will be on the new bakers.


@JPaster Please come back and provide us with a rundown of your scientific taste comparison. Also, report it about 20 minutes after eating to let us know if there have been any ill effects. Fascinating. 

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