So You Want to Be a Farmer — Why?

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Paul Misciagno
It basically comes down to "why." "Why" is the first question that needs to be answered when choosing to start a farm, restaurant, or any other business.

To the large-scale farmer, people are just numbers, another sale. There is no ownership of the quality anymore (not just appearance), and they are happy if the product rots on the shelf. The thing about something that was grown sustainably or naturally is that it will be much more nutritious, it will have a longer shelf life, and it will taste much better.

I met an agriculture consultant once who was soliciting his services to a big-time farm operator in California, and he was telling the farmer he could help him get a better-tasting, higher-quality product that will last longer on the shelves. The farmer immediately told him to get out. He told the consultant that the produce that rots on the shelf is part of their business model. They relied on these losses so they could sell them more. No ownership or care, only money, sad.

Lettuce Shot.jpg
Farmer Jay
High-quality mixed lettuces.

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